Customers can upload or email either a Word (Doc), Rich Text (RTF), PDF, or InDesign file (INDD) of the final text. If you only want a quote click here and fill out the information.

A finished book cover is required in either JPEG or PNG format. Resolution should be at least 800x600 for ePub and Kindle files. PDFs will require covers and images with at least 300ppi. Maintain the aspect ratio of the cover in all cases.

You will receive a guaranteed price for the eBook design and conversion.

After you have agreed to the quote, you must upload or email the necessary files if you have not done so already. The conversion process will begin as soon as possible. Most eBooks are finished within 3-6 days after submission.

Completed eBooks are emailed.

The customer must check the eBook for any errors.

The Kindle Previewer is best for testing Kindle (mobi) files. Adobe Digital Editions is best for checking ePubs.

When you are satisfied the eBook is correct, we will send an invoice for the total due. It must be paid within 30 days.


Scanning printed books is an option for publishers who only have such content. Costs will be calculated based upon a scanning fee (priced per page), and the subsequent OCR session. Files must be proofread by the customer for errors. The usual fees will apply after all files have been converted. Books may have to be disassembled to be scanned properly, so rare, unusual, or valuable editions should not be used.

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