We provide eBook formatting for ePub, Kindle (mobi), and PDF. All files are guaranteed to work. Technical verifications are done using ePubCheck and several custom in-house preflight solutions. All metadata is hand-coded for accuracy, meeting or exceeding all uploading and cataloging requirements. Copyright data will be changed (if need be) to reflect the unique ISBN and other information assigned to each specific format being produced.

Prices for novels with typical formatting, consisting of the cover (this must be submitted in a finished form), title page, copyright page, and table of contents with bi-directional chapter links, will generally be around $100 for both ePub and Kindle files. You will always receive both formats at no additional charge. Exceptionally long novels may be priced higher.

Books with tables, illustrations, indexes, and captions can be time-consuming to produce in an acceptable manner, and are much more complicated to format. The price can only be determined after examining the actual content.

PDF eBook formatting is identical to a full print book layout, so the cost will be substantially higher than an ePub or Kindle conversion. The benefit of using the PDF format is that the file generated can be used for both offset printing and digital editions, PDF/X-1a and PDF/A respectively. A custom quote will be provided based upon the content and complexity of the intended layout. One should expect a considerably longer production time.